Penicuik Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Penicuik Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

Welcome to Penicuik Meeting's website

Penicuik Meeting normally takes place on the first Sunday of every month between 11 am and noon at Valleyfield House, 17 High Street, Penicuik, Midlothian, Scotland, and is followed by a bring-and-share lunch.  Valleyfield House is through the pend or archway on the High Street – car parking is available in the grounds.  Children are most welcome and may have special activities.

Please see the Calendar page for meeting dates.





Covid-19 update - August 2022


With the current relaxations in Covid requirements, we have now returned to face-to-face meetings (that is, meetings for worship in person at Valleyfield House), with Zoom access available on-line for those who prefer it). We currently meet for worship on the first Sunday of the month.  Visitors are most welcome.


If you prefer to join the Meeting through Zoom, please email <> to get the link.




We keep in touch as best we can with individual members and attenders of the Meeting by e-mail and phone, and we ask those who know of Members and Attenders without access to e-mail to pass on any messages to them - if they can do so safely and legally.


Other nearby meetings have their own arrangements (e.g. blended meetings both on person and on Zoom):  you need to contact individual meetings directly through the Quakers in Scotland website for relevant updated information.


We pray that you all remain well.


For further information on Penicuik Meeting please email <>.

For those using satellite navigation the nearest postcode is EH26 8HS.

The Britain Yearly Meeting website is at

Penicuik Meeting is a Local Meeting within South East Scotland Area Meeting.


Covid precautions for in-person meetings


Quaker worship can be held in person in all parts of Britain. We can also hold events such as weddings, funerals and social activities which are part of the life of Quaker communities.  All legislation in Britain has been removed.


However, we still need to continue with caution and care for our communities.  The emphasis from the Governments is that we need to think of how we can be supportive of others in our choices to keep everyone safe.


We can look to our Quaker advices and queries when thinking about our options and actions. This might help us to consider if our choices are for the benefit of others in our Quaker communities, or for our own benefit.


Meetings in adjacent areas

Other Quaker meetings near Penicuik are:

Please contact each meeting to check details for its meetings.  Further details (including contact details) are also on the South East Scotland Area Meeting website at  Please check local arrangements with the relevant meeting before attending.


Please also check through the Quakers in Scotland website or the links above.


Public transport

Current services are as follows.


Buses to Penicuik (there is no railway to Penicuik):

  • From central Edinburgh by Lothian Buses:  route 37 (09:23 and 09:43 am from Queensferry Street Stop QC, arriving at 10:26 and 10:47 am respectively) or route 47 (09:50 from Queensferry Street Stop QC, arriving at 10:43); standard single fare £1.80.  Please phone Lothian Buses at 0131 555 6363 or visit Lothian Buses' website at to check.  All buses operated by Lothian Buses now accept debit cards.
  • From Peebles by Borders Buses:  route X62 (10:17 am from Peebles Post Office, arriving at 10:42).  Please contact Traveline Scotland - see below - or Borders Buses (phone 01896 754 350 or visit the website at to check.

Traveline Scotland:

For additional public transport information please phone Traveline Scotland (0871 200 2233 from the UK, followed by 3 when the greeting message starts).  Alternative (and potentially cheaper) phone numbers are 01236 634 361 and 01236 634 364.  Alternatively, visit the website

The cost of phone calls to 0871 numbers may not be included in your phone provider's cost plan.  We suggest you check before phoning.


Lothian Buses and Borders Buses both have apps that you can download and use on your mobile (cell) phone provided you have a suitable phone.


Penicuik Meeting does not guarantee the public transport on this page - please check before travelling!


Updated 7th August 2022

We are located at:

Valleyfield House

17 High Street


Midlothian EH26 8HS


If you have any queries , please contact us:

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